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For remarkable academic improvement services and efficient intervention strategies in Southeast Ohio, trust the experts at Signature Educational Solutions. Just as you strive for academic excellence, we make it a point to keep our clients satisfied. With our superb educational services, we guarantee to give you fast and outstanding results in the shortest amount of time. Browse through this page to see what these satisfied parents, teachers, and students have to say about our services.


Our Client’s Testimonials

Brian LaDuca, Director

ArtStreet and the Institute for Arts Nexus (IAN)

University of Dayton

“The collaboration between Signature Educational Solutions, OFPP, and the University of Dayton's ArtStreet has been instrumental in the current process of developing creative and innovative curriculum at our unique multi-disciplinary and creative center in Dayton Ohio. Through OFPP’s and Signature Educational Solutions innovative storytelling and educational components, our students have expanded their creative and cultural capacities in ways that traditional university curriculum cannot access. This one-of-a-kind artist in residence is a shining example of a growing need for city and campus creative collaborations for years to come.”

Nichole Nauden


“I had reached an all-time high frustration level with my son's teachers and the administrative staff at his school. He was a senior and I felt like he was not receiving the services he needed and was supposed to have per his IEP. I contacted SES with my issues and I was met with a high level of professionalism and expertise. The advice and direction I was given lead to my son increasing his GPA, graduating, and being accepted at more than one school. This is after I was told by the school that he may not be college material. I would highly recommend Signature Educational Solutions!”

Dr. Beth Christoff


Toth Elementary

“I am writing this letter as a testimonial in support of the services I received from Signature Educational Solutions and Services. I contacted Robert Owens about three years ago to assist us with diversity training. He was highly recommended so I thought he would be the person to help us with diversity training for fifth grade students initially.


I called Robert and shared my concerns and asked him to come to Toth Elementary to help our fifth graders. He listened to my needs and then sent me a proposal to consider. He and Lucy Owens created a very age-appropriate program that included diversity information coupled with opportunities for students to explore related topics, participate in some role playing, and to use art to further explore and understand the topic. The students related very well to Robert and Lucy Owens and they learned so much. I observed the training and found Robert and Lucy to be engaging, honest, and informative. The students talked about this training and shared their enthusiasm for many weeks after so the impact for them was extremely significant.


I was extremely pleased with Robert and Lucy so I invited them back the following year to conduct diversity training with my staff during a two-hour delay in-service. The two hours flew by and 97% of the staff indicated that they needed and wanted more time with Robert and Lucy. Our long-range plans are to invite them back to Toth. They provided very thought-provoking activities, which were exactly what we needed.


I highly recommend Signature Educational Solutions and Services, with facilitators, Robert and Lucy Owens. I am anxious to work with them in the near future. I am especially interested in how Lucy utilizes the arts as a vehicle for discussing sensitive topics like diversity. Robert and Lucy addressed our specific needs and tailored both programs accordingly. We found our partnership to be very compelling and beneficial.”